How To Apply

In order to live in any of our communities you must first get on the waiting list by completing our housing application.

Applications can be returned to any of our offices in person, by email or electronic portal (if available to your locality). If the application is submitted via email or electronic portal, an e signature is considered valid.

Once the applicant reaches the top of the waiting list , the Housing Commission staff will set up a time to interview the applicant and explain the application, verification and screening process.



  • Applicants must be 18 years of age and older.

  • Applicants must pass a credit and background check prior to be approved to move-in.

  • Although there are no asset limitations, all assets must be reported to the Housing Commission for income calculation in determining eligibility.

  • Gross income from all sources may not exceed the standards set by the federal government.

  • Tenants in the family homes are provided a utility allowance for utilities and they must be able to have the utilities put in their name.

Rent Calculations

The rent is different for every resident. Each resident can choose either to pay a flat rental amount established for the individual bedroom size of the apartment, or 30% of their "Adjusted" income.

"Adjusted" income is the amount of annual income an individual has after deducting $400 for each individual over the age of 62, and medical/disabled expenses for qualified individuals.